Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Work smart. Work safe.

It’s dangerous out there for young workers. Most of you are facing your first job and you want to impress the boss and just generally be a good employee. Well, this is where the problem starts. Most of the time you are not thinking about safety; you need to. If you are unsure if something is safe or feel uncomfortable with doing something, you still do it. (You don’t want to look like an idiot in front of the boss.). Sometimes, you don’t even realize you’re doing something that could hurt you. We’ve all been there.

Confession Time


 I’m a young worker and I’ll admit I’ve done some unsafe work in the past; mostly because I didn’t really think about it.

Take this recent example: A month ago, I was working on a small television show and we were filming on top of the highest indoor bungee jump tower in the world. One of the cameras had been attached to a low hanging beam in front of the tower. When it came time to take it down, the two guys I was working with told me to grab the camera and, without thinking, I started toward the beam so I could get it down.

The guys, seeing what I was doing, quickly stopped me. Good thing they did. They had years of training and experience on their side and, let me tell you, after I saw what they had to do to get that camera down, I almost passed out. The danger of the task never occurred to me.

To get the camera down, the camera man had to climb onto this pipe that was beside the beam and walk across it. Now, he started off attached to a rope, but halfway across he had to unhook his safety cable and attach it to a small portable safety loop on the pipe. He knew how to do this: I did not. For a few seconds he was dangling 160 feet in the air.

Then, when he finally got to the camera, he had to flip upside down to unscrew it from the beam. After that it was just a matter of flipping himself back upright, walking across the beam, unhooking the safety cable, reattaching it again to the rope and walking back.

… and I was going to do that with no training.

Now, I know how hard it is to say no or ask questions, but for your own safety you need to be comfortable with the work. You need to make sure you understand what’s involved and how you can do it safely and with help, if you need it. It never crossed my mind to ask about safety. Good thing the crew was looking out for me.

You’re probably thinking; “I’m not an idiot like this guy, I know what I can handle.”

I could have had the deadliest belly flop of my life if I had fallen off that tower – but because of those guys, I didn’t. You might not be so lucky.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, get help, speak up and make sure to “Trust Your Gut”.

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