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This just in… your six safety stories

By Matt King


It’s Friday! But you may be asking, “Wait, it’s over? What even happened?” Well, thankfully, this new blog feature will answer that question, safety-wise. Here are your six safety stories.

  • Double, double, oil and trouble: The National Energy Board is going to come up with a plan to make the pipelines safer for workers and the environment.
  • When musicians attack: Some Alberta music festivals are reviewing safety protocol, and while the banjos, Stetsons and dreadlocks were considered safe, the stages fell under careful review.
  • How to swim safely in the summer: It was National Drowning Awareness Week, and whether you work at a pool or simply go there to swim, these tips will help keep you safe.
  • On the road again, but with a smile: Provincial and company safety and transport officers held a Barbecue in Whitecourt to thank the various truckers that pass through for their hard work and commitment to safety.
  • “Moo,” says the cow in excitement: The Ontario government is funding food traceability programs in order to keep food processing safe. Note: the quote from the cow is paraphrased.
  • The rain on the plains: City folk aren’t the only ones sick of the rain—Alberta farmers have been impacted as their seeds are now drowning under this constant weather.

That’s all for now. Remember, work smart, work safe and have a great weekend!

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