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Read all about it! Your six safety stories…

By Matt King

Have you ever seen those dancing shows? The ones that fall under the “reality TV” category, but are really just competition shows, like Jeopardy but with more pirouettes? One of the cool things about those shows is that they showcase dance from all around the world.

Similarly, this week’s six safety stories highlight safety initiatives from all around the globe, from Alberta to Australia. The question, then, remains: So you think you can… work safely?

  • On the road to safety… The summer is drawing to an end, and whether you’re driving for vacation or work, it’s important to stay safe. The Edmonton Journal has info on safe vehicle inspection.
  • Working safe down under… Safe Work Australia will be putting the spotlight on safety this October. The organization at the other end of the world is preparing for their seventh annual National Safe Work Australia Week, during which they put a national focus on workplace safety.
  • Finding safety online… Another Australian safety organization, WorkCover New South Wales, is set to organize a bunch of webinars to help get important safety info to its employers.
  • Live safe, work safe… WorkSafeBC is developing a handbook and online training resource to help employers keep domestic violence out of the workplace.
  • In memoriam… Two construction workers were crushed under a mobile home near Montreal after using a carjack to lift it. Quebec’s workplace safety and insurance board as well as the police are currently looking into the incident.
  • Travelling in style – safe style, that is… The Chinese government will be doing safety checks on all its high-speed railways and equipment manufacturers, attempting to prevent accidents.

As always, work smart, work safe, and have an awesome weekend – and don’t forget to answer our poll below!

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