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A mile in their boots

By Megan Thorburn

A fire breaks out at work. You’ve been through the drills and you know your work area – you navigate your way through the smoke to the exit, successfully dodging a few boxes you left in the middle of the floor and that cart that should have been put away. You make your way outside – you’re safe.

But what about the firefighter that goes inside after you?

How does he or she know when to jump over the boxes? How about that cart?

To be honest, it’s not something I’ve ever thought about.

Sure, I think about workplace safety – we all do. If we’re smart, it’s a constant thought at the forefront of our minds.

Consider this – you know the hazards in your workplace. Emergency personnel don’t.

One initiative is looking to raise awareness on just that.

The Put Yourself in Our Boots campaign’s goal is to make people think about workplace safety from an emergency responder’s point of view.

Because, if you think about it – every workplace is their workplace.

Want to know more? Take a look at their website ( or check them out on Facebook by searching  “Put Yourself in Our Boots”.

I’d love to hear your take on this – have you ever thought about how safe your workplace is for emergency responders? Comment below.

2 Responses to “A mile in their boots”

  1. It’s interesting to read this because no matter how selfless or thoughtful a person you are, there are moments when all you can think about is yourself. It is in these moments when thinking of the safety of others is the most important. I, personally, have never really thought about this from this perspective.
    It is so easy to think, “Oh that person will see that hazard” or, “How many people are really going to pass by this way?” that we don’t really think about the consequences of our actions.
    Even when it is not your workplace, it is important to stay alert. Just because you don’t work there, doesn’t mean that other people don’t either. So next time you trip over a rug, fix it; don’t just leave it folded over for the next guy to stumble on.

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