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Read all about it! Your six safety stories…

By Matt King

It’s coming on that time of year again — people are buying notebooks and packing their bags as they get ready to sit for long, extended periods of time, listening to smart, often older and therefore wiser people talk for similarly long, extended periods of time. That’s right — it’s time to go back to school!

While it’s possible you may disagree with the exclamation point, school is upon us, and that’s why, before you set off for the hallowed halls of your education, you NEED to check out this week’s six safety stories. Reading these stories, which span the world from Calgary to Dublin to China, will help your brain get used to learning — but in a fun, magical way!

  • Now you too can have a picture you aren’t happy with… Getting your license is exciting, but it’s also a pretty heavy load of responsibility. Over at the Calgary Herald, they give an overview of some of the safety benefits of taking driving lessons before getting your license.
  • Distractions are expensive… Alberta’s new distracted driving law comes into effect Sept. 1, and the government is offering up an FAQ which should help you adapt to the new safety laws.
  • Hey, I’m walkin’ here! The Vancouver Police Department, with the help of the BC government, is cutting down on jaywalkers in a bid to make the streets safer for pedestrians.
  • It’s always safe to ask questions… As the school year starts, and you start looking for that job, it’s good to know what sort of things to look out for safety-wise. This week, The Job Search Guy talked about raising your safety awareness and asking the right questions.
  • The many dangers of farming… In Ireland, a widow appealed to farmers to be careful when working with animals. Her husband recently died after being attacked by a bull on his farm. A new safety campaign, Think Safety Farm Safely, has been developed, encouraging farmers to maintain safety on the farm.
  • Way down in the mines… the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) in China is about set new rules for mine safety in a bid to prevent coal mine accidents, which can include methane gas blasts, underground floods, shaft collapses and more.

Some people think to themselves, “School never seems to end!” Well, that’s true for learning about safety too. It’s always possible to learn more about safety — so remember, work safe, work smart! Have a great weekend!

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