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Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!


By: Christopher Vervoorst

Have you ever done something you thought was a bad idea but then did it anyway?

Everyone has done something they are not proud of. It’s probably something stupid or embarrassing that doesn’t really have a huge impact on your quality of life. However, sometimes those quick decisions can change your life forever.

My friend Amber has worked on several job sites and has a lot of experience in making snap decisions.  It was because of one of those decisions she injured herself, and now she has to spend the rest of her life living with the consequences.

She wanted to share her safety confession.

Safety Confession

“ I was working at a hardware store when a customer asked me for some assistance with helping him get a heavy marble sink off of a shelf.” She said. “I was a little hesitant to help him at first because I didn’t think I would be capable of lifting the weight, and understandably so since the sink weighed in excess of 80 pounds.


 They may be heavy but do they ever look nice.


Her first instinct was to tell the customer that someone stronger should probably help him with the sink and she would go grab him or her. But the customer assured her that he would carry most of the weight on his end so she didn’t have to worry.

“So we started to take the sink off the shelf, when the customer lost his balance and fell over,” she remembers he, “pushed the full weight of the marble sink onto me. Which was pretty painful.”

With the marble sink on top of her and in an a lot of pain, Amber was not in great shape.

After the incident Amber found out that she had injured her lower back. But, she ended up not saying anything to her employer because she was afraid she would get in trouble. She figured if she pretended she was fine then it was like the whole thing never happened.

“Looking back now I regret not reporting my injury, especially since my back  in constant pain,” she said. “Not only that but I can’t really lift things, and I can’t play sports.” She wishes that she wouldn’t have been afraid to talk to her employer and gotten her back properly taken care of. Her employer could have helped her, if she had let him.

No really, Amber just wants people to know that they shouldn’t make snap decisions or cut corners. Most importantly though, make sure to report your injury, because if you don’t report it, the injury you get as a young worker could end up affecting you later in life.


In fact I’ll make it really easy for you, here’s what you need to know  to report an injury:

Until next time, keep your head up and trust your gut.


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