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Your laborious layout of eleven lovely links that loosely link to labour!

By Matt King

Ah, the holidays.

This past Monday was Labour Day in North America, and this has put some folks in a workplace kind of mood. To celebrate the week’s holiday, we’ve broadened our search for stories this week. You’ll get our usual globe-trotting breadth, but now with the more inclusive focus of the workplace in general. Without further ado, here are your eleven labour links…

  • For the love of the game, not the money… A new survey has come out saying that the majority of Manitoba and Alberta young workers are satisfied with their jobs.
  • To be safe, or not to be safe… 20 years after a massive industrial fire in Hamlet, North Carolina, this article takes a look at the state’s current occupational safety situation.
  • In the bleak mid-future… Union leaders are worried for Canada’s young workers as they forecast lower wages, sparser benefits and fewer jobs in the near future.
  • A safe state is a happy state… The Montana Department of Labour and Industry has announced that there has been a 30% decrease in workplace fatalities.
  • Children of the corn — and other vegetables… The United States Department of Labour is proposing revisions to its child labour laws, specifically for young agricultural workers.
  • From elbow patches to oilpatches… New graduates are getting hired by worker-hungry oilpatches. Folks from Toronto and Botswana are heading to Calgary as jobs begin to appear.
  • Falling flat on your Facebook… Two men in Melbourne, Australia have been fined for putting themselves and their co-workers in danger. The offence? The two men were seen planking on forklifts, images of which were then seen on Facebook.
  • Email was so 2010… Instant messaging has recently started to replace email as the primary communication tool for business.
  • To serve and protect… Metro Calgary takes a look at their city’s Public Safety Communications 9-1-1 centre, noting the stressful nature and many pressures that have to do with working there.
  • Remembering… A 55-year-old man was impaled by a piece of rebar on Monday. Investigators are saying that the man, and employee at a water treatment plant, tripped and fell and a piece of rebar pierced his neck.
  • In memoriam… A 17-year-old worker died instantly on Labour Day when he fell off the front end of a moving garbage truck in Randolph County, Indiana.

Remember, work safe, work smart — and play safe this weekend!

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