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Back to the start… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

Spoiler alert: Have you ever seen Big, with Tom Hanks? In that movie, a boy wishes upon a Zoltar Speaks game that he would be “big,” as in an adult. Well, he gets that wish, growing to adult size over night. Then, at the end of the movie, he realizes that his size was just fine before and that maybe, he should wait to grow up.

I will admit: last week’s list of eleven links was a little… we’ll say, “exhaustive” — and that goes for the alliteration as well. So this week, we’re scaling it back to your usual six safety stories, and I think it’s for the better anyways. It’s just like in Big, but without the rad piano dance.

Without further ado, your six safety stories:

  • Inspection isn’t the sequel to InceptionMinister Thomas Lukaszuk launched a month-long inspection blitz on Monday, focusing on the residential construction industry.
  • Educating the masses for a safer future… The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences opened its doors up, offering both distance and on-site degree programs.
  • Let’s talk about (Swedish!) stress… A recent Swedish study found people are more likely to call in sick when problems arise at work.
  • Injuries on the job… A student employee of the Town of Bracebridge, Ontario suffered a broken ankle after his leg became caught under a tractor.
  • In memoriam… The week sadly began with the death of a young man in his 20s. The man was working on a temporary power line in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta when he was struck by a power pole and killed. The incident is under investigation by OHS.
  • Remembering… The following day, a 34-year-old man died while working at Beaver River Lodge, an oilsands work camp. The man was installing electrical cable when he was electrocuted. OHS is now investigating.

That’s all for this week, but there are a few things to remember before you leave: work smart, work safe, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. That’s all I ask. Oh, and try and complete this poll. I dare you.

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