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Guest Blog – Growing Pains

Cleaning up after yourself is one of the first things you were ever taught. As a child it is a punishment; as a teenager, a chore; but as an adult, it is a responsibility and a way of life. Taking care of your wellbeing has been ingrained in your mind so much so it becomes second nature because let’s face it, you are not just accountable for yourself, you are also accountable for the people who surround you.

But you cannot rely simply on what you were taught as a child, especially in environments where hazards are common. You must teach and be taught by other people. No matter what age they may be or what experience they may have, they might know something that you do not.

As we grow older, we become set in our ways. When you have been doing something a certain way for so long, it is hard and inconvenient to break habit. This can be dangerous. New safety procedures are introduced all the time, but they are not always followed because a lot of people lack flexibility or are unwilling to adapt. Stubbourness does not belong on a work site, but human nature can sometimes get the best of us.

Do yourself and everyone around you a favour: be the bigger person by understanding that your way may not be the right one, or at least not right one anymore. Circumstances change, and so should you.

Saving lives means keeping an open mind.

– By Miranda Nobbs (@EisleyLove,

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