Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Heads Up Poetry

Poems are said to reveal the soul

So let this poem make you whole

I dreamed a dream of time gone by

That song is totes magical, aye?

Like some rad wizard’s cereal bowl.

– Matt

There once was a safety type poem

That was written to show ‘em

It was published on a blog

Something something zog

Please send us your safety type poems

– Megan

Heads Up poetry

Write poems about safety

If we like, we post.

– Chris

With the sunny days of summer behind us and the looming cold of winter marching ever closer towards us, we’ve decided that in the spirit of autumn (the season of poetic inspiration) we would flex our poetry muscles.

You can see our sad attempts at poetry above. We know you can do so much better.

Send us your poetry submissions to either our Facebook page (Link) or post them in the comments section below. The top three will be announced in a few weeks and featured right here on the blog.

There are only two rules.

1.        It has to have something to do with safety.

2.        It must be in either limerick or haiku format.

Good luck and make sure to keep your head up and trust your gut (and for the poems your heart) (awwww).

3 Responses to “Heads Up Poetry”

  1. I once got hurt at work
    It’s not because I was a Jerk
    I was not trying to mess around
    These things happen sometimes un – profound
    Practicing being safe would be a perk

  2. I’m new on the job and work hard
    I’m tired when I punch my card
    I follow the rules
    Goofing off is for fools
    Staying safe is my plan; I’m on guard.

  3. Safety! Safety! That’s our plan.
    If we can’t do it, no one can!

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