Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

The news of the world… safety-wise!

By Matt King

What was the last book you read? Did you go for a classic, diving into those dusty bookshelves and pulling out an 800-page Russian tome, or did you get a new book, one of those shiny hardcovers with the Oprah stamp on it? If you’re a student like me, then you are probably up to your ears in books of many different sorts. But whether it’s a novel or a textbook, a short story or a road sign, reading is very important in our daily lives.

So if you haven’t read much in the past while, or if you are just on a roll reading-wise, why not get a move on with this week’s six safety stories. This week’s stories, as usual, are from around the world, covering a variety of locales and tales.

So without further ado, your six safety stories…

  • When being a bookworm pays off… The Ottawa Citizen notes how in today’s job market, the need for literacy, even in relation to workplace safety, is becoming more and more evident.
  • Young workers of the world, unite! More than 700 young workers are gathering in Minneapolis for a summit with the hope that it puts a focus on jobs.
  • Low light not just for vampires now… For folks doing shift work, dimming the lights could lower cancer risk since there is less difference in peak melatonin levels that way. It’s all very science-y and interesting.
  • Hurry, dear friend, into the portal! WorkSafeBC is launching an apprenticeship portal aimed at getting health and safety resources to apprentices and those working in the trades.
  • Riding in wagons with horses… The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) is investigating an accident that injured a worker on a hayride in Ann Arbor.
  • When danger becomes all too real… Workplace deaths in Singapore increased slightly over the first half of the year as compared to the same period last year.

I feel so literary now. Remember, work smart, work safe!

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