Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

With six great safety stories, comes great responsibility…

By Matt King

The other day, I was watching The Avengers trailer, and after all the explosions and superheroes standing around all iconic-like, I wondered: Are these superheroes ever cited for their severe safety violations? I mean, seriously, all those explosions and the fighting in the streets… yikes, right?

Technically, these heroes’ jobs are to fight and save the public, and yet, here they are destroying workplaces and endangering the lives of many, all the while saying clever lines about rage monsters and such. Although, for some reason, I imagine Captain America being kind of obsessive about safety. He’d tell Hulk to calm down before making sure Iron Man knows all the possible hazards of his Iron Man suit.

Anyways, maybe they should read a few of this week’s six safety stories. That might help.

  • Educating the masses for a safer tomorrow… WorkSafe New Brunswick is holding their 31st annual Health and Safety Conference, hoping to bring further attention and education to workplace safety issues.
  • Unearthing safety… Greg Burchell of OHS Canada examines excavation and trench work, noting the job’s accompanying safety hazards and procedures.
  • Following procedures in Africa… As workplace injuries continue causing major concern, a Zimbabwe writer offers up various statistics and notes how Occupational Safety is of vital importance.
  • In the wake of tragedy… After an incident of workplace violence in Cupertino, California, writer Laura Walter notes how workplace violence claims the lives of two workers every day. She offers up some ideas for prevention.
  • Remembering… An elevator technician and hockey gear entrepreneur from Barrhaven, Ontario died this week, after being found at the bottom of a nine-storey elevator shaft.
  • In memoriam… A young worker, 24, was killed when a drilling rig toppled onto his loader at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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