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I’m safely singin’ in the snow…

By Matt King

Have you ever seen Singin’ in the Rain? You know that scene where Gene Kelly is belting the famous song and dancing through the streets as it’s raining? When I watch that scene, I have mixed feelings of awe (he’s an amazing dancer, isn’t he?) and fear. I hate to rain on his parade, though he’d probably just dance through it, but what if he slips as he jumps through the water? What if, as he runs through the cold rain, he comes down with pneumonia?

Here in Canada, snow is on its way, which, like rain, presents a whole new set of rules to follow when it comes to staying safe on the job. For example, dancing like Gene Kelly, while impressive, is probably not a good idea when the entire sidewalk is covered in ice.

One way you can learn how to be safe, is by checking out our weekly six safety stories (and reports and press releases)! Here’s this week’s:

  • When you can’t just grit your teeth… Over in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, a council is deciding if it should stop gritting roads because of attacks on snow-clearing workers in previous winters. Note: gritting is when they put rock salt on the road.
  • It’s like a Letterman top ten list, but not funny and way more serious… Okay, I admit, this isn’t a story, so much as a press release. Nevertheless, these top ten Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations, while American, are applicable concerns anywhere in the world.
  • More jobs, more problems? This article takes a look at workplace deaths in Oklahoma, which have risen 11 percent. The increase is likely connected to the State’s increase in jobs, which has seen many people returning to work.
  • Putting the “health” back in Health and Safety… As the cold weather comes, so does flu season. Here’s an editorial showing the effect influenza has in the workplace.
  • Remembering… A Manitoba miner died after an incident at the Vale mine. The worker was operating a scooptram when it fell into an open area.
  • In memoriam… On Tuesday, a Newfoundlander was killed in an industrial accident in Edmonton. Police say a steel beam struck the man’s hydraulic lift, which then tipped over and fatally injured the worker.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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