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It’s the Great Safety Pumpkin Blog, Charlie Brown!

By: Christopher Vervoorst

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it might be a great idea to switch gears this week and talk about something you have to think about only once a year… PUMPKIN CARVING SAFETY!

Unless, of course, you’re a professional pumpkin carver, in which case you should think about it daily.

Pumpkin carving safety tips

1.If possible, buy a pumpkin carving kit. The tools are smaller, easier to control and, most importantly, are not razor sharp.

If you can’t find a kit and “must” use a kitchen knife:

2. Do not, under any circumstance, stand and carve, like Chris S here.

Meet the newest member of the Heads Up team…Chris S

 3. When you’re carving, stabilize the pumpkin by holding the top and pointing the blade down as you saw. Be careful not to put your hand inside the pumpkin when you’re cutting.

Now that you have a beautiful jack-o-lantern and all your limbs are intact, it’s time to start thinking about your costume. So, come up with some ideas and we will meet up here on Wednesday with some safe costume tips for you. Also you’ll get a sneak peek at my super creative costume that I personally made.

Until then, make sure to keep your head up and trust your gut.

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