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Caution: Wet Floor… A Halloween Safety Ghost Story

It’s Halloween, and so we at Heads Up thought, in the spirit of things, we’d offer up our own version of a scary story. Read all the spooks and frights below!


It was Friday, and Paul, a janitor for a four-floor building in downtown Calgary, was excited for the weekend to come. He got into work 30 minutes early, grabbed his broom, mop and other supplies, and rushed to the top floor. He wanted to get his work done and leave, but in his haste, he forgot some of his caution signs.

Paul started sweeping, then mopping, then cleaning the bathrooms. After finishing that floor, he did the third floor, the second, and finally had moved on to the first, his last, floor. Within an hour, he had finished.

But as he put his things away, a burst of cold suddenly surrounded him. He crossed his arms and walked towards the doors to leave.

But the doors wouldn’t budge. The deadbolt seemed to be stuck, and as he fiddled with the door, the cold air got colder. Goosebumps erupted all along his arms. “Where is that coming from?” he wondered.

He ran along each of the floors, checking the windows. Finally, on the top floor, Paul found an open window. As he closed it, a gust of wind burst through the office, throwing papers in the air and sending Paul gliding along the wet, freshly mopped floor.

Paul turned. Floating before him was a large figure, too solid for a shadow, but too translucent for anything else: a ghost. Paul couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt his heart leap into his throat. He ran, but the floor was still wet, and he slipped again, falling on his backside. The ghost dragged his skeletal finger along the floor before lifting it and pointing at him. Paul lay down in fear, and, hidden under a desk, he saw a large yellow object. Out of instinct, he grabbed it and held it up.

The ghost halted and seemed to nod, dipping low as if in appreciation. As the ghost receded, it seemed to say, in an ominous drone, “Never forget…” And then, he disappeared into the night.

Paul looked at what he had grabbed. It was a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign. He stood up, leaving the sign over the slippery floor. He ran downstairs to the supply closet, grabbing similar signs and putting them out on each floor.

He never forgot them again.

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