Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

We return to you, live… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

Have you ever taken a holiday? I hope you answered yes. A few years ago, around December, I took a trip down toCalifornia. It was a weird experience, since, being fromAlberta, I was used to a December replete with snow. But notCalifornia. It was warm there. There was a beach. It felt eerie and for me, it felt a little wrong, like I was betraying my own experience – whatever that means.

As you know, we took last week’s wrap-up off. Did you miss it? Did you think it was kind of weird having no wrap-up, like a sandy beach in December?

Well, don’t worry, we have returned in full, with six brand new safety stories to whet your safety appetite (what a good, sensible appetite to have, by the way).

Without further ado…

  • The dangers of a Welsh workplace… According to new statistics, Wales is the most dangerous place to work in theUK, with the highest rate of fatal or major injuries.
  • Let’s get personal… According to a recent South Carolina survey, Generation Y workers are much more likely than other employees to rely on family members and friends to explain their benefits.
  • Shifting into an unhealthy gear… A new study says female shift workers could face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to chaotic schedules, amongst other things.
  • Out from the centre of the earth… Rescuers were able to pull out seven injured miners after a centralChina coal mine caved in this week. 50 are still trapped.
  • In memoriam… Six men were killed in a Kansas grain elevator explosion. Four of the six were younger than 25.
  • Remembering… An 18-year-old worker was killed in a workplace accident at the Canadian National railyard nearFortSaskatchewan,Alberta. He had just graduated from high school.

Remember: work smart, work safe.

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