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It. Was. Boring.

By Megan Thorburn

Okay, I’ll admit it. I spend my days talking about safety until I’m blue in the face – in fact, some days, I spend all day on Twitter talking about safety. Young worker safety, in fact. But, I have a confession to make – when I was in high school, and we had the all important WHIMIS and workplace safety classes – I thought it was boring.

Don’t act like you don’t. Or didn’t.

I’m told mine was a sort of unique high school experience in that I actually had an entire class devoted to learning things like how to properly lift a box. Ah, Mr.Armstrong’s workplace safety class. You should have seen the doodles on my binders. Also, I got really good at throwing things at my best friend a few seats ahead of me. Like, really good.

The thing is, though, I missed out on learning a lot of important stuff. I worked a part time job where I had to lift things. Heavy things. Like bbqs. And, also, Christmas trees. Which, you wouldn’t think are heavy, but the eight foot ones… yeah. And, without my knowing, little phrases would pop up in my head, like “Lift with your knees!”

Mr. Armstrong was really good at getting things like that in your head without you knowing.

The thing is, if I gleaned a few important things from that class, I can’t imagine what I would have learned had I, you know, listened. I’ve come across situations where I wasn’t sure if that chemical should go next to the other chemical (it did) or if I should use that stack of bbqs to climb up and grab that other bbq (I shouldn’t have). I would have benefited from knowing what was right and what wasn’t.

I would have benefited from not doodling that class away.

So, I’m just saying. If you’re in class, surfing the net, reading this right now – we’re flattered, but we’d much rather you get back to learning about safety. If you’re not in class right now, read away at this blog. Ask questions. Get involved. You never know – might be one of our voices popping in to your head next time you attempt something at work.

Scary, but it’s true.

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