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Putting safety first, not last… Your six safety stories!

Have you ever watched much in the way of silent films? I was watching an old Harold Lloyd silent comedy the other day, called Safety Last! It’s from 1923, almost a century ago. It’s about a young man who heads to the big city. He wants to get a job and become successful so he can marry his hometown sweetheart. He soon gets a job, but it’s not quite to his liking, and he would like to advance. In order to impress his bosses, he hires his friend to climb a 12-story building without any equipment. Unfortunately, things go awry, and he has to climb the building himself. Here’s a clip:

You can probably tell that, while this is funny and thrilling to watch, it’s pretty much a perfect example of what you should NOT do at work. Please, don’t put yourself in danger because you think it would impress your boss. It won’t impress anyone when you hurt yourself.

Instead, why don’t you sit down and read this week’s six safety stories. Then, later, go watch the Lloyd movie as an example of what NOT to do at work.

  • Think you’re awesome? Prove it… Younger workers are apparently more selective in who they go to work for, wanting to know their prospective employers track record when it comes to various things such as corporate social responsibility and health and safety.
  • Kicking it up a notch… Occupational Health and Safety will be increasing its presence in Strathcona County, Alberta, focusing on residential construction sites in a bid for improvement.
  • Figuring things out, safety-wise… Queen’s University’s student government, the Alma Mater Society (AMS), has created their first official policy statement in regards to health and safety. It will be released in January, and will enforce safety procedures, such as filing incident reports and putting an emphasis on safety training.
  • Driving on the other side of safety… A new initiative inCambridgeshire,UK has been launched to reduce the amount of work-related road casualties involving drivers under 25.
  • Making sure the mall remains safe… It’s Black Friday in the United States, but some stores in Canada have adopted this day as well. If you’re going shopping, or if you work in one of these stores, check out these Black Friday safety tips.
  • An incident in Alberta… A man is now in the University of Alberta Hospital after his legs were crushed at his Nisku work site last week.

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