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Adventures in Retail

By Christopher Vervoorst

With the holiday season upon us a lot of you in the retail industry are going to have to start climbing those ladders to grab that last Tickle Me Elmo on the top shelf (they’re still popular, right?). So here are some tips to make sure you stay safely on the ladder.

1. Use a proper ladder. This may seem like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many people will just grab whatever is around them. Examples of things not to use: garbage cans, chairs, tree stumps, car hoods…

This also includes making sure the ladder is the proper height for the job you are doing.

2. Make sure the ladder is on a dry surface. You want to make sure the surface is dry so that when you’re climbing on and off the ladder you don’t slip on any random ice or liquid.

3. Never step on the top two rungs. Again, another common sense idea, but most people will be tempted if whatever they’re after is just slightly out of their reach. If that’s the case, grab a taller ladder, don’t put yourself at risk.

4. Keep both feet on the ladder. Never put one foot on a rung and the other foot on a different surface.

5. Have someone spot you.  While not a requirement for smaller ladders, it’s always a good idea to have someone looking out for you.

Well, I’m off to buy some lights so I can get started on my house while it’s still nice out. So, until next week, keep your head up and trust your gut.


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