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But don’t take our word for it…


This week we’re handing the blog reigns over to Brandan Hamilton, an automotive service tech.

I have a few pointers for safety that I’d like to let the young apprentices – and well, anyone, for that matter –  out there know about. There are a lot of things people tend to forget when it comes to being safe on the jobsite.

Here are a few pointers:

  • A jobsite or shop can be an extremely dusty place. Most people tend to not wear a mask, especially if no one else is wearing one. This can be hard on the lungs and be extremely bad for your health. They can be uncomfortable or not look very “cool” but you only have one set of lungs, so protect them!
  • Wearing your average sneaker or skate shoe gives you absolutely no protection. Most people find work (steel-toed) boots to be uncomfortable and heavy. There are ways to make your work boots more comfortable, and there are new innovations in materials that help to reduce excessive weight. To help for comfort I ALWAYS buy a set of insoles with my boots. They help to reduce fatigue and soreness.  You’re often wearing your boots for average of 10 hours a day. That’s plenty of time for back pressure and fatigue to set in.
  •  Your hands are a key asset, so protect them. In the automotive trade your hands take a beating. Nitrile or latex gloves are my best friend.  They reduce the scrub time at the end of the day and if you need your hands clean in hurry, just take the gloves off. Your hands are like a sponge and will absorb chemicals that are harmful to your body. Also, I have a pair of heavy duty gloves that I use when I’m doing a heavier duty jobs. It reduces fatigue and the chances of having to deal with those cuts on my knuckles that never seem to heal.
  • Even if I’m using a grinder for a quick second I still wear safety glasses. The pain from getting debris in your eyes is much, much more painful than the way you look wearing safety glasses. If you prefer the look of sunglasses, you can get tinted safety glasses. Sunglasses are not designed to withstand impact, so buy the tinted glasses and save yourself from the pain.
  • Lastly, the number one thing most people in the trades seem to forget about is hearing protection. The ambient shop noise can be damaging to your hearing without even realizing it. There are many options for hearing protection, so be sure to get yourself some.

If you’re ever unsure if the shop or company you work for will supply the required safety apparel just ask. It never hurts to ask – and it can if you don’t. Most shops/companies will supply hearing and vision protection. Worst case scenario (besides getting hurt, of course), you’ll have to buy them.

Nitrile gloves: $10

Ear buds: $5

Safety glasses: $15

Dust masks: $5

Insoles: $20

Coming home in one piece: Priceless

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