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Introducing… Safety Comics, Vol. 1, Issue #1

Well, we’ve been mentioning it on Twitter, and here and there on the blog, but here it is, at long last. We at Heads Up have been putting together this comic for your enjoyment, and hopefully you’ll laugh, cry and sometimes maybe both at the same time. That being said, we really hope that you might learn something from these comics, as you follow the adventures of Mark Sherman as he becomes a… Well, we don’t want to spoil it. But hopefully as you follow Mark on his various misadventures, you’ll learn to trust your gut and keep your head up. Remember, work smart, work safe.

Click to enlarge!

8 Responses to “Introducing… Safety Comics, Vol. 1, Issue #1

  1. Love this….and great lesson. Bravo to you all! Keep it up! I am first to comment, but am passing the prize on the the next commenter.

  2. This is great. Well done!! Taking a safety discussions to a new level.

  3. This is great for young workers to relate too, keep up the great work.

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