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Is your face freezing? Your six safety stories…

By Matt King

In order to get to work, I often have a short seven-minute walk to the train station and then another short four-minute walk from the station to WCB. These walks are often quite nice, but with the return of winter, they’ve become… less so. It seems that no matter where I walk, the wind seems to find me. I can walk backwards and the wind will turn around, seemingly with the express desire to strike my face with its cold, wintery breath.

It made me think, though, about people who are working outside in this wintery weather. Are you a worker in the cold? Well, hopefully the first safety story of this week’s six will help you, because we all know that working in the cold can be both difficult and dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

But without further ado, your six safety stories…

  • Here comes the cold, again…  While much of this winter has been relatively mild compared to years previous, the cold is on its way again. OHS Canada reminds us of the various options in staying warm and safe this winter.
  • School is cool… seriously… Okay, so we didn’t convince you, but this week, 10 grants of $2,000 went to Manitoba schools in promotion of safe work practices. Cool, right? Right?
  • Let’s all be safe, shall we? The Health and Safety Executive in Britain is urging employers to make workplace safety the top priority of 2012 after the number of deaths rose across the country in 2010-11.
  • In the Northern sky… Pilots and aviation experts are pointing out the dangers of flying in the North. They hope improvements can be made to eliminate such safety problems as a limited amount of information on weather, as well as pilot fatigue.
  • The injury report… A Norway, P.E.I. worker was struck by a block of wood while helping disassemble some crane components. The crane’s track had caught the edge of a block of wood and shot it towards the crewmember’s lower leg. The incident is under investigation.
  • Remembering… A firefighter died this week in an explosion at a BC construction site. Another firefighter was injured as well. WorkSafeBC is currently investigating the incident.

Remember, always work smart, work safe – especially in the winter.

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