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We’re on the YouTubes!

We recently put up some videos on our YouTube channel and just wanted to share them with you. Are you a fan of safety? Are you a fan of squiggly stick people? Then stick around, because these videos are for you!

Report an Injury 1-2-3

Scenario: You work at a clothing store. A guy comes in asking for a pleather jacket – he doesn’t want real leather, just straight up pleather. But the pleather jackets are all in storage in the back. You go to the back and find them, high up on the 8th shelf. There’s no ladder. You ignore your instinct (“Ask for help,” it says”) and start climbing, using the parallel wall as a support. Surprise! You fall and sprain your ankle.

But what do you do now? You’ve injured yourself on the job, what do you do next? Well, here’s a helpful video to guide you through the process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

Modified Work

You’ve hurt yourself and your doctor and WCB say you aren’t yet safe to return to your original position. But you’re bored and want to keep active to help the healing process along. Well, then modified work is what you want and it’s all possible in three easy steps. If you don’t know what modified work is, then you should check out this video.

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