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The future is yours… Your six safety stories!

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. Many people want to know exactly what it holds, and some people even go to great lengths to know exactly what it is. For me though, I’m never really sure. That’s partly what’s so exciting about it, I think. When I think about the future, it seems that there are an infinite number of possibilities.

I’m getting overly sentimental here. Well, since this blog is primarily for younger folk (I’m lookin’ at you, young worker!), it seems like an important thing to mention that the future is yours. Beyond a detail or two, that’s the one thing we can (kind of, sort of) know about the future. So it’s best to start learning your safe work practices now, building towards a safer tomorrow.

And what better way to start than with this week’s six safety stories!

  • Them kids and their loud rock music… Okay, so this isn’t necessarily related to music (though it could be), but the Regina Leader-Post gave a good rundown of the dangers of loudness and noise in the workplace.
  • With the technologies and the computers and what not… Some mining students in BC’s Nechako region are getting the chance to practice their trade on equipment simulators. It’s all a part of their certification at the College of New Caledonia.
  • Oh that dreadful cold… It’s cold here in Alberta, and the Daily Journal of Commerce in Oregon has some helpful tips for working safely through winter weather.
  • On the road to recovery… A man was crushed by a crane boom last Thursday in a workplace accident, and is expected to survive. The incident is under investigation both by Occupational Health and Safety, as well as the company itself.
  • Remembering… A 28-year-old man died just south of Whitecourt, while working as part of a crew servicing a well (the man was overcome by hydrogen sulphide gas). Occupational Health and Safety is investigating.
  • In memoriam… A truck driver died when his flatbed semi rolled into the centre ditch on the Queen Elizabeth II highway, north of Airdrie. He was pulled from the wreckage, but was pronounced dead soon after.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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