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Back to and from the future… Your six safety stories!

The Oscar nominations came out this week. Being a movie geek myself, this has caused me no end of excitement/frustration. I agree with some of the nominations, while I also disagree with some of the snubs. But this week, I read an article online that talked about how many of the movies nominated this year—The Artist, Hugo and Midnight in Paris, for example—are about looking back on the past, without thinking too much on the future.

As with everything these days, the idea has got me thinking about safety. Okay, so that’s a terrible segue and metaphor, but think about it. When someone is injured, he or she needs to strike a balance between past and future, unlike, according to the article, the nominated movies of this year. One needs to think about past workplace incidents, as it allows for clarity and perhaps some lessons learned. But it’s equally important, if not more so, to think about the future, and do one’s best to return to work or think about making work practices even safer.

Here are some stories for you to learn some more about safety, looking back on what happened this past week, while thinking about how to make tomorrow safer. These are your six safety stories…

  • How to be gnarly and safe… With the snow coming down in droves, you might feel the urge to fall down a mountain while strapped to one or two planks. Well, if you are, then you might want to check out this Telegram article about keeping safe on the slopes. It’s helpful if you work at the hills, or if you just want to carve some of that powder for fun.
  • Someday I’ll fly away… Or you could drive or take the bus, of course. Are you travelling for work? Here’s a helpful list of ideas and tips on how to keep your business travel safe.
  • Keeping safety strapped in… A Vancouver Island mining company is considering installing seatbelts in buses transporting workers to and from their Myra Falls Mine site, after a highway accident injured 12 employees a month ago.
  • So, constantly rubbing your eyes is not a safe work practice? A recent study from Southern Cross University in Australia found that fathers of newborns were 36% more likely to have a near miss at work, as well as being 26 per cent more likely to have a near miss on the road. It looks like that coffee isn’t working anymore.
  • Everybody’s working for the weekend… A recent study in Europe found that those who work long hours are twice as likely to experience severe depression. Those who work more than 11 hours a day are at the greatest risk.
  • In memoriam… The remains of two workers have been found after an explosion at a B.C. mill near Burns Lake occurred last week. The identities have not been confirmed, but there are still two men who remain unaccounted for. Officials say significant lab work is needed for identification.

Did you see the Oscar nominations? What did you think? Can you think of any awkward parallels to safety?

As always, work smart, work safe.

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