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On the road again… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

Yesterday, fellow Heads Up team member Chris and I went on a road trip to Calgary, mostly to put up some posters. If you were following us on Twitter, you would have noticed that we went to both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal.*

As someone who very recently made the transition from full-time student to full-time worker, it was interesting to hang around the universities and colleges and watch the students mill about. If you are making that transition soon, or whenever you do, it’s important that you are prepared, that you know what questions to ask and what you need to do to keep safe at work.

That’s why we have these safety stories every week. It’s to keep people up on safety news, so that you learn from these stories and know what to do in certain situations. So without further ado, your six safety stories…

  • The benefits of feeling good about your work… The Globe and Mail looks at mental illness in the workplace. It’s a long but pretty fascinating article, stressing the importance of opening up about mental illness and providing help to those who need it.
  • Coughing on the job… As an asthmatic myself, I found this article on work-related asthma pretty interesting. It details how asthma can be caused by an exposure at work, or can be aggravated by poor work conditions.
  • It’ll be comin’ round the mountain… Did you know that there are avalanche fatalities recorded in most Canadian provinces, even though not all provinces have mountains? OHS Canada takes a look at avalanches and the dangers and necessary precautions of working on the hills.
  • When good news is made up of bad… The number of workplace deaths in New Zealand was down last year, with 41 deaths compared to 77 in 2010. However, the country’s Department of Labour wants to stress that even one death at work is one too many and there’s always room for improvement.
  • Remembering… A 47-year-old miner in Levack, Ontario died after an accident at Vale’s Coleman mine. Vale has temporarily suspended its operations.
  • In memoriam… A 46-year-old man died Wednesday just outside of Swan Hills, Alberta after being struck by a pipe tub. Occupational health and safety officials are investigating.

As usual, work smart, work safe and check out our poll!

*Chris is going to talk about this next week. Stay tuned!

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