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Heads Up Road Trip

By: Christopher Vervoorst

On a cold Thursday morning not so long ago, two heroes embarked on a journey to Calgary.

Their mission? To encourage Calgarians to keep their heads up and to trust their gut!

We’re all about safety, folks.

Who were these intrepid heroes? Why, Matt and I, of course. And what an adventure we had.

I awoke at 3:45 A.M. to pick up Matt and begin our journey to Calgary.

All we had to do was set the GPS course to Mount Royal. It was there that we ran into our first problem…

GPS take us to Mount Royal.

For some reason, we couldn’t plot a course to Mount Royal and as Matt and I had never been there before, we had no idea what part of the city to look in. Eventually, we decided to just drive to Calgary and find the school when we arrived.

Our drive along the highway went on without incident. But as this was my first time doing some extended early morning driving, I made sure to do some research, which I can now pass along to you!

Driving in the dark-tips:

  1. All of the safety rules you follow during the day should be adhered to even more at in the dark.
  2. Pull over (somewhere safe) and get some sleep if you’re getting tired. Don’t try to keep going. You need to be alert in the dark.
  3. If possible, travel with a partner. Not only will they provide conversation to keep you awake, but if you do get tired you can swap out with them.

When we finally hit Calgary, it was 8:00 A.M.. Rush hour.

Luckily, Matt managed to find Mount Royal on the GPS.

Or so we thought.


We are so lost!!

After about half an hour we found some signs that guided us to Mount Royal. Here’s a safety tip: pay attention to signage. It helps!

We had been tweeting about our trip all day (but not while driving!!), so when we arrived at the student centre ,we invited people to come find Matt to win some free stuff.

If you go looking for him now he won’t be there!

It was time to head home after visiting the University of Calgary as well.

Speaking of post-secondary institutions – the Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS) has established a scholarship for those who want to pursue OH&S through college or university. The scholarship was set up in memory of young worker James Rintoul, who died as a result of a workplace incident.

Want to apply? Know of someone who would? Visit for more info. The application deadline is May 1, 2012.

So, until next week, keep your head up and trust your gut Calgary!

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