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I’m leaving on a jet plane… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

This weekend, I am going on a wee bit of a vacation. In getting ready for this trip, I was brought back to the idea of being prepared. I had to make sure my passport was still valid, as well as make sure all my flight information was correct. I had to check I had my travel insurance and make sure I had the currency of the country I am visiting.

Being prepared is something that is easily transferable to the workplace. You need to be prepared, and part of that is the training you receive for your job. As we see in one of today’s six safety stories, training can result in a safer, more dependable work environment, which is something we should all strive for.

Without further ado, your six safety stories…

  • The decline and fall of workplace injuries…  In the United States, Louisiana is reporting a decline in workplace injuries, illness and fatalities over the past decade. Employers credit the decrease to better training for both employer and employees.
  • Safety on and off the job… The Wyoming Star-Tribune reminds us that job safety extends beyond the workplace. Noting the long commutes many Wyoming workers travel to and from the workplace, they examine the dangers of exposing yourself to greater traffic risks by travelling far.
  • Getting focused on safety… In China, the government is hoping to place a focus on improving workplace safety ahead of its upcoming leadership transition. The new focus comes in the wake of a number of tragic deaths in coal mines and on roads.
  • On the road to recovery… A Quebec worker who was injured on January 12 before falling into a coma has woken up. Quebec’s workplace safety board is still investigating the incident, along with other accidents at the same site. The worker is still in critical condition.
  • Remembering… A 43-year-old man died Tuesday in Billtown, Nova Scotia after being pinned by the box of a truck that had been elevated. RCMP and the Department of Labour are investigating.
  • In memoriam… A 38-year-old man died last Friday from injuries that occurred while roofing a home in the Windermere neighbourhood of Edmonton. A stop work order has been issued in light of the incident.

As usual, remember, work smart, work safe.


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