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Safety Limericks

As you may have gathered, we’re suckers for a good holiday. So, in the spirit of all things St.Patrick, we asked some folks to put pen to paper and write some safety limericks for your amusement.

Take a look – and don’t forget to vote for your favourite in the poll below.

Happy  St. Patrick’s day!


There once was a very young lad,

Who worked on a site with his dad.

But he had too many doubts,

And he didn’t watch out,

And forever altered the life that he had.


There once was a lad in McMurray,

Who was always in such a big hurry

Forgot his hard hat,

and slipped on a mat

Now in a world of hurt and worry.


A man who wears steel in his boots,

Should not wear them with his zoot suit,

Because if he does,

His attire’s the buzz

When SAFETY is what he should tout.


There once was a young lad named Pat

Who didn’t think he needed his safety hat.

But a steel pole rolled off the truck bed,

and struck him right in his head.

“Dude – wear your PPE!” yelled supervisor Matt.


St. Paddy thought safety was cool.

They should teach it at every kid’s school.

Trust your gut!

Save your butt!

And don’t be a young safety fool.


So you’ve got this new job making widgets.

With sharp saws and pneumatic tin snippets.

If your safety you fear.

Trust your gut and stay clear,

and go home with all of your digits!


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