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Preventing dangers… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

You know those Mission: Impossible movies? I know I’ve mentioned them before, but, as I was preparing this blog post, I started thinking about all the plans in those movies. In the latest movie, Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has to, yet again, put together an impromptu plan with his mission team to stop some sort of evil rogue scientist (or something).

Anyway, I was thinking about these plans because, while these plans are sudden and created quickly, they almost always work. They work because they think ahead, hoping to stop the villain from doing whatever he wants to do (usually, take over the world) before he has a chance to do it. They’re plans based on prevention.

Well, this week’s safety stories mostly deal with prevention. So here’s my question: if workplace danger is your villain, what are you doing to prevent it taking over your world?

  • There’s something safe in the atmosphere… The Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia recapped the progress they’ve seen over the past year, as well as some reminders on how to keep a safety culture thriving in the workplace.
  • No matter the motivations… An organization called BullyFreeBC is hoping to create a standard to help workplace bullying victims. The aim is for all bullying, regardless of reason, to be stopped.
  • Before it gets out of hand… A customer or coworker gets angry and starts taking it out on you, whether verbally or physically – what do you do? Here’s an article that helps you figure out ways to prevent assault in the workplace before things get out of control.
  • Getting that PPE… The Transportation Safety Board is calling for helicopter pilots to wear helmets in light of a Montreal pilot who died last spring while fighting fires in Alberta. Currently, there are no regulations that require helicopter pilots to wear helmets.
  • Emergencies… A paramedic is listed in critical condition after his ambulance was struck near Ottawa. A 29-year-old man allegedly swerved into the oncoming lane with his pickup truck, smashing into the ambulance. Authorities are investigating.
  • In memoriam… A 33-year-old man died in a workplace accident on Friday, after a vacuum truck collided with the man’s Bobcat. RCMP and Alberta Occupational Health & Safety are investigating.

As always, remember – work smart, work safe.

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