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Let’s talk about stress… Your six safety stories!

Stress is the worst. Okay, that might a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously… it’s the worst. When I get really stressed out, I often get a small population of canker sores in my mouth, my stomach starts grumbling and my body seems to shout, “Hey man, calm down. It’s all going to be okay.”

But stress at work, as you’ll see with today’s first story, is all too common and may even be on the rise. It’s important to be preventative and avoid your stress becoming an overwhelming burden. Part of this can be done simply by talking about it with your employer. Talking about stress can make the difference in keeping a stable stress level.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, here are you six safety stories…

  • It’s best not to stress… but sometimes it’s unavoidable. According to the second European Opinion Poll on Occupational Safety and Health, job-related stress is a large concern for the majority of the European workforce. The majority of people also believe that such stress will only rise.
  • Ain’t we cultured… Much has been said about the importance of developing a safety culture at work, but organizational consultant Hal Resnick believes that developing that culture requires major organizational change.
  • On the job in Rwanda… Workplace health and safety is a big deal all over the world. This includes Rwanda, where Ruth Ng’ang’a writes, encouraging people to prevent workplace accidents by developing a proper safety culture and not waiting for accidents to happen.
  • Safe at work, safe at home… WorkSafe BC has put together a new tool kit to reduce the risk of domestic violence entering the workplace. Available online, the kit will help employers develop safety plans that would aid in preventing violence in the workplace.
  • The dangers of coin collecting… A Brinks tractor-trailer crashed on Wednesday in Ontario, seriously injuring two workers and scattering millions of dollars in coins all over the road.
  • In memoriam… A father and son died this week while working on their paper route in Fort Bend County,Texas. Driving through a thick fog in a residential area, they swerved off the road and into a nearby pond. Police are investigating.

As usual, always remember to work smart and work safe.

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