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On the hunt for safety

While you were on the hunt for chocolate eggs this past weekend, we here at Heads Up were working tirelessly to provide you with strategies to also hunt for ways to stay safe at work.

Safety and Easter may not be linked in your mind, but we think that the skills in looking for those yummy chocolate eggs and looking for great safety help are pretty similar!

Here are a few ways you can hunt and look to make your workplace a safe one.

1)     Know where your first aid kit is. That way, if an emergency does arise, you’ll be more than prepared.

2)     Identify safety personnel on staff. These people are great resources, should you identify an unsafe situation or have a great suggestion.

3)     Read and try to understand all of the signs in your work area. They’ve been put there for a reason. Have questions about them? Ask the guy (or gal) from number two.

4)     Last but not least, always check your area for hazards before you start any work. Chances are your employer and coworkers will have done their best to ensure you have a safe work environment. However, a quick glance over of the area wouldn’t hurt.


Happy hunting!

One Response to “On the hunt for safety”

  1. As long as we get Easter Eggs at the end, it sounds like a good idea!

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