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Getting distracted… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

Sometimes, when I am sitting here in my cubicle at work, I get distracted. Often, it’s the smallest things – an empty water bottle, a blinking light, a small speck of dust on my desktop. But sometimes, no matter the job, distractions can be dangerous and it’s important to remain focused on working smart and safe.

How do you remain focused? That empty water bottle might be amazing, but if it’s distracting you while you drive a forklift through a warehouse, then that’s problematic. If a blinking light mesmerizes you or a small speck of dust becomes the most fascinating thing in the world, even while you put shingles on a roof or are driving your deliveries through town, then there’s a problem. Safety needs to be focused on at all times, even if there are distractions.

Today’s six safety stories might be a distraction for you, but let these be a good distraction – one that helps, rather than hinders your safety experience.

  • A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… A forum was held Thursday in New South Wales, Australia, with the aim to keep young people safe in the workplace. More than 60 participants are expected, hoping to share views on attitudes to safety and injury prevention.
  • We’re still in Kansas, Toto… A recent survey conducted by the Kansas Department of Labor shows that nonfatal workplace injuries declined in 2010, going down to a rate of 3.7 cases per 100 full-time workers.
  • Learning from the past… Businesses in Somerset, UK, are being offered and urged to attend specialist courses to improve workplace safety. The new classes come after the area saw a rise in the number of workplace injuries.
  • Looking out for your friends… Regina’s Leader-Post newspaper takes a look at how to recognize a substance abuse problem in your co-workers and what you should do about it.
  • Between a machine and a hard place… An assistant at an Airdrie, Alberta steel company is suffering finger injuries after his fingers became pinched between the jaws of a brake press. OHS Canada offers some notes on managing a mechanical or hydraulic industrial machine in its report on the incident.
  • In memoriam… A northeastern Ontario worker was killed after being struck by a piece of rock in an underground mine. The accident is currently under investigation.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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