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Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

The workplace and beyond… recapping Safety Comics Vol. 1

On Monday, we finished the first volume of our new ongoing comic series, Safety Comics, bringing an end to the first part of Mark Sherman’s adventures as our workplace safety hero.

To recap, it all began with a workplace accident that could have been avoided. Mark’s friend Derek simply wanted to go to the roof, but forgot to wear proper safety equipment and ignored the warning signs. They fell through the rotten stairs, Mark breaking his leg and Derek disappearing.

Meanwhile, Mark’s supervisor, Greg, believed Mark was a hero waiting to happen. He gave him his old superpowered goggles, and Mark was a hero. Soon though, he had to battle danger personified – DANGER-X!

We hope that as you read these comics, it reinforced for you the importance of being safe at work and in your daily life. It’s important to remember that workplace hazards CAN be avoided.

If you haven’t read the comics yet, then you can by going to our Safety Comics page, where all eight issues can be found. There, you’ll see how safety wins out in the end (sorry – spoiler alert!) and triumphs over danger.

If you have read them, we hope that you’ve enjoyed them. We’ve got another, shorter volume coming up soon, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time…

Trust your gut.

Work smart.

Work safe.

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