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Balancing life and work… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

There’s a music video for Bon Iver’s lovely song, “Towers,” that features an older gentleman wandering through the woods before going out onto the water on a rickety boat and staring at the towers he’s built (or grown, it’s not entirely clear.)

Warning: This song/video contains a bad word.

I know this isn’t remotely the point of the video, but I was struck by the connection between the old man and his work. When the towers collapse (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it), he collapses. What do you think that means? I like to think of it as his life being directly affected by his work/art. A few weeks ago, we talked about stress, and there’s an article in today’s six safety stories that mentions balancing your life and work. Is your work your entire life? Are you keeping a balance, or are you on the verge of breaking down like the man in the video? If you aren’t sure, it might be time to talk to your employer and try and figure out a solution.

The other thing, of course, is that those towers are not following safety regulation, but that’s another argument for another day. Here are your six safety stories…

  • Keeping healthy and happy at work… This article reminds us of the importance of retaining our ideals and dreams at work as well as keeping control over our health, both physically and mentally. The average adult spends at least 40 hours a week at work – it’s time to start thinking of the workplace as part of your well-being.
  • Movin’ on down… The Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia revealed that since 2005, there’s been a 27 per cent decrease in workplace injuries that led to time off work. Congratulations,Nova Scotia!
  • The young’uns need to work… Barbara Bowes of the Winnipeg Free Press gives a rundown of the benefits of, as well as just how to go about hiring students for summer work and more. She notes that, especially with younger workers, training is needed and employers must know safety regulations for student employment. Are you a student? What do you make of her article?
  • Safety road trip! Is there any other kind? In Australia, WorkCover New South Wales has taken a bus out on the road to talk with small business owners, workers and council staff to talk about any regional safety updates, issues or laws. Road trip!
  • As if from a great height… Staying on the other side of the world, according to Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH), 40 per cent of Singapore’s workplace fatalities in 2011 were caused by falls from heights. A new initiative is now being introduced to reduce such fatalities and address the falls.
  • The weight of an injury… Two Brandon, Manitoba men were injured when a heavy slab of granite fell over on them. Police describe the injuries as non life-threatening.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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