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Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

One Year Later

by: Christopher Vervoorst

April 19, 2011 – Just over one year ago, this blog was created, and with it came my very first blog post on working safely.

Why did I ever use this filter?!

Over the past year the blog has grown from one about me interviewing workers and using a weird filter on all the pictures, to a place where young workers can come to learn about safety and talk about the things we are all interested in – not to mention the addition of our awesome Safety Comics.

Here’s hoping that our second year will be even better and more successful than the last.  As young workers, we need to keep asking questions, sharing information and keeping safety in our minds.

Sadly as I write this, my time with Heads Up is coming to an end. With a heavy heart I’m leaving this initiative in great hands as I go and begin an amazing opportunity with the Edmonton Eskimos. I’m going to miss working with Matt and Megan and getting to share in the continued success of Heads Up. I’m also sad that Matt and I will never get to have another Heads Up road trip.

How do we always get lost?

We started this blog to get you started on a safer path. Keep reading and contributing. There is still a lot we can share.

So for the final time, make sure to keep your Head Up and trust your gut.

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