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Too cool for school… Your six safety stories!

I love school. Okay, love might be too strong a word, but I really do enjoy it. I finished university in December and I’m already missing it — the lectures, the endless essays, the books. One of the best things about school though — I’m revealing my nerdy/sentimental side here — is the learning.

As universities close for the summer, and high schools prepare to close in a couple months, many of you students will be starting jobs. A few of today’s articles focus on that, as well as the importance of being trained. However, it’s important to note the difference between simply attending training and actually learning and remembering your training. When you have your safety training, please pay attention. 

  • School’s… out… for… the summer! Many students are finishing up for the summer (unless you are in junior high or high school – I’m sorry, you have two months left), and most of those students are headed into the workforce. The North Shore News has an article encouraging young folk to be safe on the job – identify problem areas and make sure to ask questions.
  • Training for the future… Of course, with new jobs also come the need for training, and while trusting your gut and keeping your head up helps, proper safety training can be the difference between life and death. Sharon Post, who lost her fiancé to a workplace incident, wants to encourage young workers to ask for safety training and to say no if they are asked to do something unsafe.
  • Lights, camera, safety… Okay, so that was a silly title, and this isn’t really a story, but you should totally check out the winning videos that Work Safe Alberta chose for their annual video contest.
  • Building a safer tomorrow… Are you starting a job in construction for the summer? Already working in the industry? Oregon’s Daily Journal of Commerce points to the Portland construction industry’s desire to get down to zero injuries, working tirelessly to encourage a culture of safety and preventative measures.
  • Remembering… As mentioned last week, Saturday was the international Day of Mourning. In honour of those workers killed or injured on the job, a memorial ceremony was held on Friday in Edmonton, with a large monument, called Broken Families, being unveiled at Grant Notley Park.
  • In memoriam… A 29-year-old man died Sunday morning on a work site north of Fort McMurray. The man was doing maintenance work on a gravel sorter when a large chain broke and hit him.

As always, please remember to work smart and work safe. 

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