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Making it work

By Jay Zacharopoulos

Since June of 1997, employers, workers and the public have committed a week toward the promotion of occupational safety, employee health and injury and illness prevention in the community, known as North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH) week.

The goal of the week is to:

  • raise awareness about the benefits of occupational safety and health,
  • define the role and contribution of safety and health professionals, and
  • reduce workplace accidents and sickness by encouraging innovative health and safety activates.

The image below is the NAOSH Week logo. The three hands represent the three participating countries and symbolize collaboration, unity and teamwork. This doesn’t just represent the safety and health partnership, but also the business and government ties between the nations.

So, why all this talk about NAOSH week, you ask? Well, this week is NAOSH week, and the theme is “Making It Work.” In honour of this theme, we’ve taken a look at some great examples of making it work – both the right way and the wrong way.

As you may have noticed in this commercial, our building instructor is, in his own mind, an expert at ‘making it work.’ Unfortunately this is a prime example of the wrong way to ‘make it work’.  While he did (technically) complete the job, it was done very quickly and poorly. Not to mention some key pieces of PPE were missing – did you spot them?

On the other hand, we have this kind gentleman. He’s doing a really nice impression of Norm Abram from the New Yankee Workshop, who consistently talks about shop safety – and the importance of PPE – at the beginning of each episode. He produces some great work and is safe – that’s the very definition of ‘making it work’.

It’s about staying safe and getting the job done. To find out more about NAOSH, visit

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