Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Your mission…

UPDATE: This contest’s deadline has now passed.

… if you choose to accept it.

We’ve seen our heroic safety guardian save unruly workers from the deadly grasp of a rebar and the dangerous force of a bulldozer. We’ve even seen him save the world from an unimaginable black-out by stopping the evil Danger-X. This however, will be his most important mission yet, and he needs your help!

In order for him to instill fear into the dastardly wrong-doers of the work force, our hero needs a name! His safety knowledge and super-human abilities are in such high demand he has asked for your assistance.

Submit an original, suitable superhero name to from May 22-29 for your chance to win an iPad 2 and see your entry idea published in the Heads Up Safety Comic.

Submissions will be reviewed throughout the week and a winner will be announced on May 30.

Get the creative juices flowing because you never know, you might be able to say you played a part in creating the next Superman (The iPad 2 wouldn’t hurt either…).

One Response to “Your mission…”

  1. Fantastic contest promoting a very worthy issue! Fingers crossed, really hope I win! 🙂

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