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And the winner is…

By Matt King

For the last week, as you know, we have been holding a contest to name our superhero, and today, we have a winner.

Last year, when Chris and I were thinking of characters and stories for the Heads Up Safety Comics, we were batting around different names for our hero. We came up with a bunch of names, some of which just weren’t available for boring old legal reasons, but some of which were just plain ridiculous.

And so we opened it up to you, and you delivered. You entered our contest with tons of great names. These were imaginative names, too, you weren’t just tossing words at the wall hoping they would stick.

But we had to pick just one.

Here’s an idea of how the winner was chosen: Megan put together a list of all the different superhero names you all came up with, but removed your actual, personal names from that list so we didn’t know who came up with what. Then we gathered the whole Heads Up team (including a few of the new folks who are joining us, such as Jay, Theresa, Lindsey and Ziad), and went all democratic on this contest, putting it to a vote.

And through all of it, there was a clear winner, and by clear, I mean, it won by one vote.

Starting with the next volume (coming this summer!), the (iPad 2-winning!) name of Mark Sherman’s alter ego will be…

The winning name comes to us from Ben Hofs, who will be getting his iPad 2 (and Heads Up iPad skin!) soon.

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