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They’re finally here… Your six safety stories!

June 29, 2012

By Jay Zacharopoulous You’ve worked hard and waited long enough; the Canada Day long weekend has finally arrived! Three full days (a couple extra for the lucky ones) of work-free fun! Whether you’re loading up the car and heading to a nearby lake or sticking around home and relaxing with friends and family, it’s sure […]

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Safety and the movies… Star Trek

June 26, 2012

By Matt King Sometimes, when we watch movies, there are situations that we just cannot relate to. Sometimes, there are whole movies we can’t relate to. Maybe it’s a detective story with a dark underbelly or a romantic comedy in which people act like no one you have ever known before. Or maybe, it’s an […]

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First impressions… Your six safety stories!

June 22, 2012

By Jay Zacharopoulous “There is no substitute for hard work.” -Thomas Edison Chances are you’ve heard this one before. It probably came from a boss, a parent or a coach as a motivational notion. It may be a total cliché now, but it applies to every aspect in life, especially employment. With the arrival of […]

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Four eyes are better than none!

June 19, 2012

By Lindsey MacDonald Four eyes!  Four eyes! Remember those taunts on the playground? Turns out those pesky bullies were onto something, they just didn’t know what. The childhood misfortune of being called four eyes takes on a whole new meaning in workplace safety and may keep us from working safely. Wearing eye protection- that is, […]

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Heads Up: The Next Generation… Your six safety stories!

June 15, 2012

By Matt King Before I talk about the Heads Up team, let me just mention first that last week, Ben Hofs, the winner of our superhero naming contest, came in and got his iPad 2 he won with the name Major Safety. But on with the team. As you know from Megan’s last post a […]

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