Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!


By Megan Thorburn

It wasn’t too long ago that the Heads Up team said goodbye to a team member (Chris). This week brings about a few more changes to the Heads Up team. We have a few new faces, Jay, Ziad, Lindsey and Theresa, who will all be bringing their creativity and perspectives to the team. It’s an exciting time!

With that, here are your six safety stories (which change every week – see what I did there?):

Heads Up news

  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… Major Safety! Ben Hofs won our safety hero naming contest and will receive a spiffy iPad 2.
  • The last change… Unfortunately, this marks my last Heads Up blog. I’m sad to leave, but I’m excited to see what the new team will do with this campaign and its important message. Heads Up has come a long way – and it can only get better from here.

In the meantime – trust your gut!

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