Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

Rappin’ it up…

By Jay Z.

The Billboard hot 100 will never be the same!

Straight outta Edmonton comes the newest, freshest act since Vanilla Ice.

This week, Matt and Chris drop a phat beat and spit some ill rhymes with their Safety Fool: A Heads Up Rap video reminding you to never play the safety fool.

What’s a safety fool you ask? Sometimes, they don’t even know it themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at this charismatic production and recap how you, your employer and your co-workers, can foster a safe work environment and avoid acting the fool.

No matter the job, location or potential risk, it is vital to always analyze the situation and as the dynamic duo says, trust your gut: don’t be afraid to ask questions, get help and talk to your employer.

Our first rap hero decides to ignore his gut (maybe he’s too new and is intimidated by the handsome customer??) and reaches for a high object using an unstable chair, instead of asking for assistance or using the correct equipment. By making this dangerous decision, he has inadvertently put himself, and those around him, in danger.

In our wondrous wordsmiths’ second verse, they show us how to avoid playing the safety fool by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and avoiding contact with harsh materials. It’s not always fashionable, but it is always smart.

By not thinking about safety, asking questions and seeking help, you can end up playing the safety fool and you are increasing the chances of workplace injury. For your own benefit, and the benefit of those around you, always follow proper procedures and seek assistance when in doubt.

One Response to “Rappin’ it up…”

  1. Very good, Nice to see a new approach to safety awareness, Great Job

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