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Hope, light and Harry Potter… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

What Dumbledore (he’s the bearded whimsical looking man in the wizard’s cloak) says in the above clip is a short little phrase on the importance of hope. Last week, I met with a worker who had suffered severe injuries and had suffered greatly for them, and yet there was something about him that brought smiles to every person he encountered.

It was the hope in his eyes, the positivity that he just seemed to radiate. This injured worker was in a dark spot, one in which a person could easily and rightfully give himself over to anger and pain. Yet, he didn’t. He saw the importance of thinking positively and doing everything he can to heal, both emotionally and physically.

In today’s six safety stories, there are stories of hope and those of darkness, of the old and new. Without further ado, these are your six safety stories…

  • Hope in something new… As the summer continues, and schools begin to close their doors for the holidays, young and first-time workers will be coming out for their seasonal jobs. With that in mind, Global Saskatoon has put together a great list of safety tips for new workers.
  • The depth of the mind… A new guide is being made available from the Mental Health Commission of Canada to help employers deal with psychological stress among their workers. They hope to be ahead of the curve and start educating the community about what’s to come.
  • The dry, dry land… With the summer also come higher possibilities of dehydration. Machinery and Equipment Magazine put together this fantastic overview of the various symptoms of dehydration, from mild to severe, with tips on how to avoid it. Check it out and be prepared!
  • Eight storeys down… A Winnipeg window washer was in critical condition Wednesday after falling eight stories, only to have his fall broken by a glass solarium that likely saved his life. Workplace Safety and Health officials are investigating.
  • Swallowed by the earth… A 38-year-old Calgary construction worker fell into an excavation hole on the west leg of the city’s Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system, ultimately avoiding serious injury. Alberta Occupational Health and Safety are investigating.
  • In memoriam… Two search and rescue volunteers died on Sunday after a boating accident on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. The two were part of a four person crew and were heading through a dangerous set of rapids when the accident occurred.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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