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Heads Up: The Next Generation… Your six safety stories!

By Matt King

Before I talk about the Heads Up team, let me just mention first that last week, Ben Hofs, the winner of our superhero naming contest, came in and got his iPad 2 he won with the name Major Safety.

Ben Hofs with his new iPad 2.

But on with the team. As you know from Megan’s last post a few weeks ago (single tear), the team has gone through some real changes. She mentioned that we had new people joining the team, namely, Jay, Ziad, Lindsey and Theresa. If you follow us on Twitter (and if you don’t, why aren’t you!?), you may have even noticed Ziad, Lindsey and Theresa have tweeted a wee bit and Jay has already written a handful of blog posts for us.

Well, all of this is just meant to say that, while the team is changing, we’re still going to try our best to bring you the same great content we’ve always brought you. And with all these new members, who knows, we might just get some even better stuff coming your way soon.

And now, your six safety stories…

  • Speaking of winning… WorkSafeBC had a video contest recently and the winners, whose video followed a young man telling his employer he could not do his assignment because he felt unsafe, took home $500, plus $2,000 for the Penticton Secondary School.
  • The seekers are among us… Okay, that sounded mythical, but it’s summer time and students are out and about looking for jobs. Surprise: it’s hard. The good news, however, is that, according to officials, it’s getting better.
  • This is our time… And by our time, I mean, specifically, our day. In the States, mayors across the nation are calling June 25, 2012 the official Young Worker Safety Day. The aim is to get the conversation going with young folk about workplace safety.
  • The eyes are the windows to safety… Or your soul. No matter what though, you need to keep those things clean and safe, which can be especially hard when you have contact lenses. has 10 steps you should check out to keep your contact lens-wearing eyeballs safe.
  • Remembering first responders… A memorial is planned for the BC first responders we mentioned in last week’s safety stories. Investigations into the incident have been put on hold for the memorial, but will resume immediately after.
  • In memoriam… A 19-year-old New Brunswick man died this week when a forklift fell on him. RCMP and WorkSafeNB are investigating.

Did you enter our contest? If you didn’t, keep a look out — we’ve almost always got some Heads Up items lying around and we’re constantly thinking of different ways to give them away.

As always, work smart, work safe.

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