Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

First impressions… Your six safety stories!

By Jay Zacharopoulous

There is no substitute for hard work.” -Thomas Edison

Chances are you’ve heard this one before. It probably came from a boss, a parent or a coach as a motivational notion. It may be a total cliché now, but it applies to every aspect in life, especially employment. With the arrival of summer, many young workers are starting new jobs and trying to make positive first impressions. As Edison said, there’s really no better way to do so than by working hard.

While I have no intentions of arguing with the man who invented the light bulb, phonograph and motion picture camera, it is important to think beyond working hard and to always remember safety procedures and to minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

If you are starting a new job this season and want to impress your co-workers, hard work and productivity make a great start but you should never cut safety corners and take unnecessary risks in the mistaken notion that you’re being more productive.

Working smart means working safely. Learn from our six safety stories….

  • Unexplained hazard… A construction worker working on the Miami Port Tunnel was taken to the hospital for treatment after a compressed air cylinder burst inside the tunnel.
  • A close call… A 26 year old worker fell 15ft from scaffolding on to a flat roof on a tower while working over 100ft in the air. The worker suffered three broken ribs but paramedics were quick to respond.
  • A round of applause…  Workers at a British Columbia lumber mill have been credited with saving a coworker after a pile of lumber fell on him. The crew reacted immediately and removed the lumber from on top of the man.
  • Keeping it clean… A vital step towards maintaining a safe workplace is maintaining a tidy workplace. The 5S workplace organizational and housekeeping methodology refers to five steps which will assist you in keeping a “sorted” and safe workplace.
  • Demolition dangers… A demolition worker was injured following an explosion at a plant after he punctured a cylinder with the truck he was operating. The explosion sent shards of glass flying.
  • In memoriam… A collapsed crane has left one Glasgow worker dead and another in serious condition. All staff have been evacuated from the building as police investigate.

As you read these stories, don’t forget to keep your head up: work smart, work safe.

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