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They’re finally here… Your six safety stories!

By Jay Zacharopoulous

You’ve worked hard and waited long enough; the Canada Day long weekend has finally arrived! Three full days (a couple extra for the lucky ones) of work-free fun! Whether you’re loading up the car and heading to a nearby lake or sticking around home and relaxing with friends and family, it’s sure to create some lasting memories.

While the staff at Heads Up hope you have a great weekend, we also want to remind you to always stay focused and avoid dangerous situations at work. How does this tie in to the long weekend?

We’ve all caught ourselves daydreaming about our exciting plans or sharing stories from the weekend with coworkers around the water cooler but it’s important to avoid these distractions while in a vulnerable position.

Tasks that demand manual labour or the use of machinery require your full attention. Protect yourself, and those around you, from injuries in the workplace by staying focused. You can relax and have fun after work, when the long weekend starts…

Learn from our six safety stories…

  • National Safety Month… National Safety Month is wrapping up in the US and most companies have gotten in on the act of promoting employee safety. EHS as provided a few tips to avoid the most common workplace injuries.
  • Change of plans… Rescue workers trying to recover victims from the Elliot Lake mall collapse were denied entry into the mall due to fears it may further collapse. The rescue plan was revamped to keep all workers safe.
  • Harmful leak… Two workers have suffered chemical burns from a leaking ammonia line at a cold storage plant in York. The building was soon evacuated and the men were taken to the hospital.
  • In memoriam… A GM plant worker was killed Tuesday after a piece of heavy equipment fell on him. Authorities are investigating what went wrong.

Have a great long weekend but don’t forget the unfortunate fate of these workers. Remember to keep your head up: work smart, work safe.

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