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The hero we deserve and need… Your six safety stories

By Matt King

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a hero, lately. It might be the glut of superhero movies out there, but it’s certainly been on my mind. We’ve thought about heroes before, in relation to the workplace, but maybe you haven’t read our comics, or any comics, and the only thing you think of when you hear the word “hero” is Enrique Iglesias, as he has offered himself so willingly to be our hero. But what, as we always ask, of the workplace?

So now, you have to ask yourself, how can you be a hero in the workplace? The only answer I have would be to dedicate yourself to keeping safe. If you don’t know what that means, ask your supervisor, read our blog, use that Google machine – anything to find out more and just stay safe.

Reading this week’s safety stories can only help. And now, without further ado…

  • Mining our skills for prevention… The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the mining industry are taking steps to improve mine safety, with the aim of encouraging a culture of prevention.
  • We’re having a blast! Not that kind of blast… In Alberta, we have a pretty expansive oil industry, and with oil comes the job of sandblasting, an oft-overlooked job in terms of safety. Digital Journal has a press release of sorts that’s got some good safety tips and questions to think about for all your sandblasting needs.
  • The parking lot is in the eye of the beholder… Fun fact: according to a recent report, “there is not necessarily a correlation between the perception of an unsafe parking lot and the amount of criminal activity that actually takes place in the area.” The report notes that if a parking area is unclean, it may be considered unsafe, despite the fact that it may not be unsafe.
  • Over in big sky territory… In Montana, the Department of Labor and Industry is teaming with WorkSafe Montana and other supporters to put on a three-day seminar to teach state workers about occupational safety. The event is free and its organizers are hoping to spread the event across the state.
  • The dangers of dust… OHS Canada gives an extensive breakdown of the possible causes of the two sawmill fires that took place in BC earlier in the year. Both of those fires are still being investigated, though the article does offer an update on the investigations.
  • Enforcing and reinforcing… With two dump truck-related deaths in two days occurring in BC’s lower mainland, the BC Construction Safety Alliance is aiming to ensure that dump truck drivers are aware of what’s behind them, amongst other things.

Remember, work smart, work safe.

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