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Treat the long weekend like work… sort of. Your six safety stories

These wonderful long weekends give all of us a chance to switch up our schedules and get an extended dose of fun (hopefully in the sun). What you might now realize is planning a long weekend, or any getaway, is very relatable to workplace safety. A responsible camper wouldn’t take off to a campsite without a flash light and the proper tools to cook food or take shelter, nor would a responsible labourer take to the job without the proper PPE.

It’s important to plan out work tasks with the same thought and dedication as social excursions. Consider what equipment you need, how you can efficiently execute your plan and most importantly, how you can get to your desired outcome. Cleaning up campsites quickly and properly will prevent wildlife encounters, while cleaning up worksite spills and messy debris can prevent slips and falls. See what I did there? Both scenarios can end badly if the proper actions aren’t taken.

If we all dedicate the same effort into keeping our workplaces safe as we do into enjoying our weekend, harmful accidents will be few and far between. Our six safety stories show the outcomes of committing to safety, and ignoring it…

Worth celebrating… For the first time in a long time, no work-related fatalities were recorded during the construction of the Olympics. The British Health and Safety Executive is also reporting a record breaking drop in injury rates.

Safety style… To encourage employees to think safety from head to toe, Gannett Fleming held a Protective Equipment Fashion Show featuring 35 employees dressed in PPE.

Full-time safety… A report by Safe Work Australia has found casual workers suffer work-related injuries at a rate 50 per cent higher than their full-time colleagues.

110,000 reasons to plan… Waterloo North Hydro has been fined $110,000 under Ontario workplace safety law after a worker was burned from arc flash. It was determined an adequate safety plan was not put in place.

Avoiding the heat… California Department of Industrial Relations has taken a proactive approach to protecting workers from heat illness by reminding all employers to limit employee sun exposure.

In memoriam… Authorities in east-central Illinois are looking into the death of a 51-year-old worker in a five-story fall at a plant in Danville. The Danville Police Department and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating.

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