Work Smart. Work Safe.
Keep your "Heads Up" and work safe!

The next time you’re having a bad day… six safety stories.

By: Jay Zacharopoulos

It’s safe to say the unlucky gentleman in this video had a pretty rough day at work. Once you’ve finished laughing at his misfortune think about a time you were frustrated on the job. How did you handle it? Better than this guy, I hope…

It’s important to keep your cool and stay focused. By letting your emotions get the best of you, you’re more likely to make irrational decisions and put those around you in danger. If a task has you frustrated, take a quick break and complete it once your head is clear. Taking short cuts just to get a job out of the way won’t help anyone in the long term. Make sure you don’t sacrifice a logical safety plan and proper execution to save time or simply complete the project.

Coherent judgment is a major part of Working Smart, Working Safe.

Our six safety stories feature examples of some employers who are using better judgment to keep workers safe, and one that failed to do so at a hefty price.

Start of something big… Portage College, located in rural Alberta, is creating Western Canada’s first pipeline training centre, with a mock work camp and a control room where students will learn to recognize and safely respond to simulated oil spills.

Subject to safety… The National Energy Board plans to subject Enbridge Inc. to a series of safety audits in the coming months to make sure its pipeline control-room procedures are up to acceptable standards.

Mask your identity… Mike Holmes looks at the importance of PPE, more specifically breathing masks and protection from harmful contaminants.

No wonder kids dislike mushrooms… It’s been four years since three Langley mushroom farm workers died from toxic gases yet Lower Mainland farms are still struggling to get safety plans in place to protect workers.  WorkSafeBC is trying to change that.

Not just a day off work… After all workers in the Philippines were given the day off because of floods and typhoons, The Business Processing Association is taking the next step and stressing the importance of personal work safety.

Thin air, thinner wallet… Federal safety regulators are seeking up to $162.4 million in fines against American Airlines and its affiliates for alleged violations of U.S. safety standards going back several years.

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